A support service for businesses affected by Brexit

Brexit Triage is a pilot project from ConnectWorks. We launched our new enterprise level mentoring service in early 2019 because, whatever the Brexit outcome – No Deal, Deal, another extension for future relationship negotiations or a referendum on terms – many businesses are already haemorrhaging for a variety of Brexit related reasons. AND December’s election result has only compounded the risks without fundamental change to any of the difficulties that lie in front us.

We are currently providing a version of our initial mentoring session deep-dive diagnostic for free for business owners living or working in Hammersmith & Fulham under the H&F Business Resilience Support Programme, developed for the Borough’s Economy Department. The diagnostic is available to businesses based elsewhere, on a chargeable basis, either as a standalone service or as the start of series of mentoring sessions.

We are also making our ‘On the Wing’ telephone support network – IT support for consultants without an IT department – available for Brexit issue support as well. The network offers as many 5 minute calls as you want during the year’s subscription and immediate cover for a longer call, for complex matters arising, followed by a recharge fee.

Our team has wide business support and business development experience and our key skills are listening, analysis of business needs and potential and framing discussion to help business owners, directors and managers marshal their thoughts about the ways forward.

Our enterprise mentors have experience across the Corporate, Public and SME sectors. In particular we have experience of restructuring, refinancing, introducing subversive new technologies and supporting businesses restart after a closure or a collapse.

Book a call back to find out more about the support we can offer through our deep-dive diagnostic and our ongoing mentoring support services and now our ‘On the Wing’ telephone support network, reframed to include cover for Brexit issues.


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